Food and computers

Just realised that although all sorts has happened since I last posted, I haven't actually posted about any of it.

* Wednesday last week - had some nice quiet drinks in the North Star (and Phil pulled!)
* Thursday - Ali took me to Gordon Ramseys at Claridges for the best meal I've ever eaten. Then up to vertigo42 at the top of Tower42 (otherwise known as the NatWest tower). Will post up some pictures here soon, good views despite the weather...
* Friday - Wandered round Bristol, very nice, good vibe, nice pizza, sat in a huge queue of traffic though :(
* Saturday - Wells, interesting catherdral, nice market. Then in the evening off for a nice meal with Alex, Jamie, Olly, Charlotte, Henry and Gemma.
* Sunday - Family church service and dual christening. Not been to church for something other than a wedding for, like, 15 years... very odd, nice vicar though. Great celebratory lunch afterwards with Alex's father, step mother and close family.

And now I've jsut spent way, way too much time sorting out my upgraded PC. I hate it when an important process like merging partitions goes wrong *and* the new mobo network controller decides to be a **cktard. Anyway I've resigned myself to the loss of the data (nothing special anyways) and got things working properly. SATA is nice, as is PCI Express. The only question now is do I need *another* 200GB drive (RAIDy goodness) or not... *Checks wallet* hmmm...