The dawn of a new... something..

So it was a while ago that I realised how utterly rubbish it was to be a so called web designer but have a personal website so devoid of recent or even *useful* information that I decided to take it down. Not that anyone noticed or probably gave two hoots (they just ended up on my worky website instead).

So anyway what you see here (as of May 16th or thereabouts at any rate) is a vanilla install of some software called Drupal with which I am building this site into *something useful* or at least updated (I hope).

Given the amount of time I spend building websites for other people I may as well try and spend a little on my own and just for fun, document doing it where I can. Although I should say that Drupal makes the whole building thing a lot less painless.

We'll have to see how long it takes me to customise things and actually make post #2.